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24-karat gold into the McLaren 650S Spider's paint

11/11/2015 16:06:20
24-karat gold into the McLaren 650S Spider's paint
Haven't you bought yet from McLaren company’s special-edition models?

Haven't you bought yet from McLaren company’s special-edition models?
You have now the chance to do it. There is another McLaren model revealed - an ultra-exclusive special model, and the most enigmatically named yet, the 650S Spider Al Sahara 79 by MSO. It has been unveiled at the Dubai Auto Show. It will be available exclusively in the Middle East. 
It gets pearlescent white-gold paintwork with a “subtle shimmer inspired by the golden sands which form such a distinctive part of the Middle Eastern landscape.” The cause of that shimmer? Actual 24-karat gold particles mixed into the paint. 

There are also some more surprising details as gloss-black forged wheels, more carbon-fiber exterior trim. The interior is also equipped with the same white-gold finish, including the floating center console. Unfortunatelly only five of such models will be produced, and if you want one of them you will have to live in the Middle East. Actually this region has already one of the highest levels of MSO customization for McLaren products.
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