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The crazy Caparo's T1 Evolution will never become a reality

11/12/2015 16:12:40
The crazy Caparo's T1 Evolution will never become a reality
Because of some serious financial problems Caparo British automaker will have to renounce at its T1 Evolution the company was developing.

The small British automaker Caparo, responsible for the batshit crazy T1, consists of a selection of businesses largely in the steel industry and has been badly impacted by the falling price of steel. 

It is known that the firm was developing an even more insane version of the Formula One inspired T1, dubbed the T1 Evolution. That car was promising to have a powertrain delivering 700 hp and installed within an even more aerodynamic body than the original Caparo T1. Additionally, the T1 Evolution was set to receive a fixed roof as well as a stiffer suspension system, ABS and traction and stability control systems.

The Caparo T1 Evolution was set to have a sticker price of 1.1 million euros but it now seems unlikely the car will become a reality, that is all because the Caparo company is now in a dire situation due to the long financial downswing and to the recent suicide of its chairman Angad Paul. 


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