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A lighter, faster and more powerful Lotus is coming to the U.S.

02/25/2016 17:44:04
A lighter, faster and more powerful Lotus is coming to the U.S.
The Lotus Evora Sport 410 is lighter, faster, and more powerful than before, and a version of it will eventually come to the U.S.

Just a year after debuting the 400-horsepower Evora 400, Lotus now reveals the Evora Sport 410, which sharpens the coupe even more. As the name suggests, power creeps up to 410 hp, but the more impressive change is the 154-pound drop in weight.

The Lotus Evora 410 is a more hardcore version of the updated Evora. It’s got more power, less weight, and lots of carbon fiber. All of those things sound pretty good, but what makes them even better is that the Evora 410 will be sold in the U.S., albeit in very limited numbers.

The Evora Sport 410's extra power and fewer pounds translate to improved performance. The run to 60 miles per hour now takes 3.9 seconds, versus 4.1 seconds for the Evora 400. The top speed remains the same at 186 mph. The latest model is also three seconds per lap faster around Lotus' Hethel test track compared to the 400.

Lotus plans to build 150 Evora Sport 410s a year, but it's not clear whether that figure includes the North American specific model. Prices in the UK start at the equivalent 79,900 pounds ($112,000 at current exchange rates). We don't yet know US numbers, but the Evora 400 sells for $89,900 here. You can assume a higher cost for this model's greater performance.


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